It. Is. Just. Stuff.

Nearing the end of 2021, I had a huge urge to change the way I operate my life and organize every aspect of it. For those of you who weren’t born naturally with the organized skillset, you can attest that getting organized takes work and it in itself is quite a hefty task. 

Well, in order for me to do it, I asked for a planner that comes with checklists, pretty colors, stickers, the whole package. This planner is legit people! This planner is basically the Range Rover of planners. And I was excited for it. 

Before the planner arrived, there was a delay in shipping due to the weather (seriously messing up my organization y’all, because now that we purchased this planner, my whole life is waiting to go inside of it right? So I cant become organized until I have this perfect planner in front of me. I know… I know… My dependency should not be in this planner, but at this time, it already was). 

So the day *FINALLY* came when my planner arrived. It was January 13, 2022. I have been sooo excited, I unwrapped it, I flipped through it, I immediately got overwhelmed with what to do with it, I sat it down and thought about where to start and what to put in my beautiful, exceptional, Ranger Rover-Luxurious Planner. 

So there it sat. I wrote in a couple of birthdays (5 peoples to be exact) and I kid you not, I started to get scared to write in in because I didn’t want to ruin it. Seriously? I know… 

Now I essentially just have a planner that I carry around for looks and for the *idea* that I am going to get organized and write in it. (Haha.. Wow I am more of a mess than I thought).

Today, I got had to run to my home really quick to grab some wipes for TJ, my almost 2-year-old and a frozen meal that I already had prepared. When I get to the house, I found that the deep freezer stopped freezing!!!! SERIOUSLY?????? Hundreds of budgeted dollars are gone! It made my stomach hurt. It literally made me sick…

But then God started to remind me that it was just a freezer full of stuff. Stuff that can all be replaced. Stuff that God had already blessed us with the finances to be able to purchase. Stuff that seriously hasn’t been used in months that is just sitting in there. It wasn’t really being wasted sitting there, but it sure wasn’t being helpful or useful just sitting there either. 

I decided that even though I was on a time crunch, I didn’t want to come back to the house later and have to deal with it so I better start cleaning it out now. (Again, this is something that I maybe would have put off because I’m a procrastinator but since I am working on being organized in every aspect, I knew I had to clean it now). I said a prayer, thanking God for the stuff that I just lost. Because I knew it was given to me because of Him and now that I lost it, I will be okay and He will provide the future items.

Also, I had wanted to go to Starbucks earlier in the day, but the line was too long and I knew I had coffee and creamer at the house so I decided to save myself money and time and make my coffee at home. I whipped up a delicious coffee, I mean I totally could sell it for $4 a cup and I was soooooo happy that I had my coffee, cleaned out the broken deep freezer, got all the essential items I needed to get me through the next couple of days at work and was on my way back to work. 

I went to back out of the driveway, and oh my Lord, I realized that I had my 15 passenger work van and I am supposed to always back in so that the drive out isn’t as dangerous. But I had pulled straight in and I was now having to slowly back out. However, because it was winter, my views were much easier to see and I started slowly backing up. 

Out of no where, my coffee spills! 

And I am telling you guys right now, I am IRATE! I am fuming mad. I have had a hard enough last hour let alone now, here I am spilling my AMAZING $4 value COFFEE all over my work van! I look down, and there I see MY PLANNER!!!!!!

WHAT???????????? ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?! 

So I slam my van back into drive, pull forward, park it and run in to grab a paper towel. 

And I am mumbling (or maybe I was yelling) all the way back into my house. Actually I was definitely yelling, “I’m soooo mad!” *My poor neighbors*

I come back to the van, and I quickly start cleaning off my planner. Here I am frantically thinking, “now what am I going to do? Call and ask for a refund? Just buy a new one? I can’t believe I literally just ruined my lux planner!” 

Then it dawned on me again… (like, I’m an idiot not remembering the lesson I just learned 10 minutes ago..) It’s just stuff. 

It. Is. Just. Stuff. 

I just had prayed about my desires for my stuff that I am so thankful that God provided me with it and I would be okay that it is now all gone. I was reminded that my house didn’t just catch on fire and I didn’t lose all my stuff. I lost a small, small portion of my stuff. And now, I’m losing my head over my planner getting coffee on it. 


You guys, this planner doesn’t define me. It doesn’t even add to my value. With or without the planner, even if I have every single line written on and used for it’s purpose, it doesn’t make me any different either way. I am not defined by my stuff. I am what I am because of who God says I am. My value is in Him and my purpose comes from God. And this is what I want to tell you. Stuff is meaningless. It’s nothing. 

We hold on to fancy candles and don’t burn them because we are in love with the beauty of the candle but don’t want to use it for what it was intended for because when we do it will eventually be gone.

Or we don’t write in the planners that we buy because if we make a mistake, then the planner is ruined, so instead, we just spill coffee on them and decide now that it is ruined and throw a fit and have a pity party for the neighbors to see and wonder what our deal is. And when we do that, it is not only just stuff, its purposeless, senseless stuff, that again, adds no value or purpose to our lives. 

So I dusted off my once Range Rover luxurious planner. I soaked up the coffee all around the floor of my work van. I took a sip of what was left of my made up $4 value cup of coffee and I laughed. And I said, “It’s just stuff.” 

And now my beautiful planner has some flaws but now I am not scared to use it and I am actually excited that it has a coffee stain because now I feel a little bit more like me anyways with my not so perfect, not so clean, not so organized lifestyle. I am so grateful for my mess. 

Today that is my lesson. A lesson God really needed me to have because no matter what happens in this life I am not going to have it all together. It is not going to be the perfect day no matter how hard I try. No matter how many dishes I wash and put away, no matter how many loads of laundry I fold, no matter how many meals I prep, and no matter how many cupboards I organize, something will always come up and that is okay. 

I am okay. And my imperfections will be worked through and I pray that God will continue to teach me little lessons about my “stuff.” And I hope that He works through you and your stuff. Because we all have it. Your stuff might be different than my stuff but I promise you it holds no more value than mine does. So don’t let it ruin your day, your week, or your year. 

Get up, clean it off, light the candle, eat the food in your freezer, and thank God for all the stuff you have or don’t have. 

And remember that you are who God says you are. Your value is in him, not the stuff that the world says you have to have. 

4 responses to “It. Is. Just. Stuff.”

  1. Wow. I feel this so deeply. We get so wrapped up in worldly things and worldly markers of success.

    We forget that it only takes 1%. We don’t have to master it all in a day. Just get 1% better in one areaonce we’re doing that add another.

    Perfectly imperfect, stride by stride. I love this. Thank you for the tears of laughter and reconciling in my own heart.

    • Dori, thank you for reading it and sharing your inspiring response. Only when we talk about things will we realize we are not alone in our “stuff” and messes. Love your heart!

  2. Hillary, I enjoyed this today. Thank you for sharing. It is nice to know that I am not the only one whose stuff is not perfect, and who doesn’t have all of their stuff together and that I am still loved by and provided for by God.

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